Fun for the adults & children can be found in the mini animal farm, where there are chickens, ducks, a horse, rabbits and goats; all very friendly and all love attention.

Guests are actively encouraged and welcome to join in with the feeding of the animals and milking of the goats. Lillie the goat, produces about 3 litres of milk a day and if you would like to learn how to milk a Goat, this is an ideal place to learn.

Fresh eggs are in abundance all summer long, simply ask for the freshest eggs you'll have tasted for a while.

The horse can be fed but only under the permission of Colin (resident animal keeper) and we remind you that adult supervision is required when our smaller guests approach any of the animals.

If you love animals and the countryside you'll love it at Le Cosquer




telephone (0033) 0297 27 38 30 or email info@lecosquerbrittany.com